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1.The Native Qualities:The Corporeity and the Intelligence
2.The Succession of Teachings From a Master to His Disciples: to decide the direction of training
3.The Acquired Hard-working : Perseverance , Methods and Comprehension .


















1.Mentality : should be genial and generous ; To be sensitive and studious ; Don’t feel ashamed to ask from anyone when learning.
2.Status : to study , to watch , to experience , to understand .
3.Methods : the more important aspects when training Kungfu .First, every movement or forms you practice, you have to understand the purpose you train and the state you reach, and then to analyze the detail and difficulty and master the  main points ;

Second, you have to understand your own advantage and disadvantages, give full play to the advantage and make up the disadvantage at the same time. Don’t train blindly, or you would waste your energy and won’t get the point.
Third, relax your body, you must not be nervous, or your movements will be stiff and robotic, also you must not be loose or you won’t be able to do the movements correctly, you could even get worse. You cannot tell right from wrong when you’re in an unclear state and the feelings when you practice will become vague.
4. Comprehension: the most important aspects when training Kungfu. Do not practice blindly and not keep copying the movements from others, make references and cooperate with the coaches or the master, and then analyze and summarize. Only then the Kungfu you comprehend belongs to
yourself and it has your own style. Kungfu has no specific form , only the trainers have their own performing styles .
5.Wushu Theory : It should be combined with practice. You have to understand and exercise the theories of San Jie (Three Sections), Si Shao(Four Points),Wu Xing(Five Elements)and Liu He(Six Unions).And remember the ancient motto :Practice just for fight.

When it is recommended but to train Shaolin Kungfu:
1.When you have great vigor and spirit;
2.When you have the desire to train ;
3.When you are euphoric and happy ;

When it is not recommended to train:
1.When you are tired , for it will affect the accuracy of your movements ;
2.When you are depressed and sluggish , for it will hurt your viscera ;
3.When your stomach is too full or when you are too hungry ; you should not train one hour before meals and two hours after meals , or it will hurt the
visceral function .

·You should train in fresh and peaceful place ;
·You should train everyday .

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