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About Power
Qi is the source of energy, every movement in Wushu needs it. Energy comes from exercises; when practice Wushu qigong you have to converge with heart, mind, qi, energy and sound then mobilize the blood and energy and match it all with breathing by the direction of your mind. As a result your muscles, tendons and bones will have great strength. This power originates from Qi; it is generally called Qigongin Wushu.
About the relationship between Qi and Power

Qi that is used outside the body is calledExternal Force.Qi which is saved inside the body is calledInternal Energy; which cooperates with the Si Shao (Four Sections) and strength is calledNei Gong (Internal Power)

The way to breath
Before you do every movement when you train, you have to take a breath until your Qi flows directly to the Dantian (low abdomen). You have to focus your mind and attention on the way Qi flows in your body. Qi follows the heart and mind, your thoughts follow your Qi at the same time. You have to coordinate your breathing and body movements of stretching and bunching: move down your shoulders when you breathe out and stretch your chest when you breathe in .When you practice breathing, you have to breathe from shallow to deep, from slow to fast, and keep practicing. At the beginning you have to make your mind control your Qi and your movements until you master it, then you can breathe naturally and regularly following the movements.

The key to breathing is a slowly, evenly, deeply, long breath. You have to breathe in with the nose but breathe out with nose as well as mouth. Understand and master the way to breath, it is good and important for practicing well shaolin Wushu.

Qigong is a difficult internal exercise, if you start to study it, you have to work hard and do it patiently and constantly. The longer you practice, greater the skill you will master, and then you will understand Qigong and be able to harvest your Qi.

About Qigong

Wushu Qigong is the qi controlled by the mind and the mind controlled by the heart. When you combine breathing with the heart and mind you generate Qi to then generate power. The longer you practice, the stronger your tendons and bones will become. They will feel full of energy and when you learn to use the strength accumulated in them you will be able to break bricks or even smash stones. If you punch the opponent with the strength, he will feel like being hitting by a heavy iron fist, no normal person can bear it. Qigong has the double effectiveness of health preservation and defense.

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