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Hu Zhengsheng


Master Hu Zhengsheng started his traditional Kungfu training at the age of 12. He first began studying under his first master Zhang Guangjun in Shaolin temple. He learned many forms and fighting skills including Xin Yi Liu He Quan, Guai Zi, (Walking Stick) Chun Qiu Da Dao (Spring & Autumn Da Dao), Cao Lian, Sheng Biao, Yue Ya Chan, Hu Tou Gou and many more. Master Hu Zhengsheng took care of master Zhang Guangjun in his old agehelping him eat, clean and dress himself. After training under him for 7 years in Shaolin temple, grandmaster Zhang Guang Jun became too old and was soon going to die, he told Hu Zheng Sheng to go and seek a grand master of traditional Shaolin Kungfu in San Bei village, his name was Yang Guiwu. After Hu Zhengsheng was accepted by Yang Guiwu as a disciple he continued his traditional Shaolin Kungfu training under him for a further 15 years. Under Yang Guiwu, Hu Zhengsheng learned more traditional Shaolin Taolu, Shaolin Qin Na, Shaolin combat and self-defense
techniques and most important the most secret of all Shaolin arts Xin Yi Ba (Heart-Mind-Control). After Yang Guiwu became too old and weak to teach new students Yang Guiwu passed on his 500 year old Shaolin Kungfu manuscripts to Hu Zhengsheng telling him that it was now his time to pass down real authentic traditional Shaolin Kungfu to the future generations of Shaolin disciples.

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