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    For hundreds of years , XinYiBa developed of different fields , for instance, Ma Xueli style XinYi fists (XinYi Liuhe Fist) from Luoyang Hui nationality and Shanxi style XinYi Fist (also called XingYi Fist or XinYi Liuhe Fist).They are continually developed and changed in the inheritance process (e.g. XinYi Liuhe Fist was increased of the ten forms). The Shaolin Temple XinYiBa , it haven’t been changed until now ,it retain the traditional original style and features. But the basic skills of practicing Shaolin Temple XinYiBa are become more rigorous and thorough . Although after hundreds of years of evolution, these several styles of XinYiBa are homologous clearly at a glance . 


    Taiji is crafty, Bagua is slippery, XinYiBa is much more venomous than both of them. Shaolin books said ,”Practicing the forms but not poise(XinYiBa consists by each postures) just like playing blindly; Prefer to teach one fist ten times but not teach one posture. “The word of POSTURE refers to XinYiBa. XinYiBa is the superb fist form to practice the internal exercises and actual combat, mainly practice the heart, mind, qi, sound, transformation and so on. XinYiBa has no form, but has single posture, that is matching up the up-down posture, left-right posture, cross-shaped posture etc. and practicing them repeatedly. There are many ways to practice, and the ways are depended on the posture of opponents. · 

   When practice XinYiBa, cooperate with many internal skills : dragon body, chicken drumstick, monkey leg, monkey washing face, Erlang bearing the mountains to chase after the sun, the steps of lifting sedan chair, mix vigor (hunyuan qi混元气),Qi around body, twisting, hamstring, and so on. Thus it can be seen that XinYiBa was not evolved from the hoes, it has no relationship of hoe. 


    There are many teachers but few of masters. Before practice XinYiBa ,you have to get a XinYiBa master who has a very deep Shaolin internal Kungfu and the real successor of XinYiBa, or you cannot learn anything or even lead to disability.


    Master Yang Guiwu said ,“XinYiBa is the most conservative Shaolin Kungfu in the past dynasties and in Kungfu World . On the inheritance, it was only passed to the home disciples, and on condition that the successor should be well conducted, he should have good quality and high level Kungfu cultivation and mentally matured. When he starts to learn XinYiBa , He has to respect to the master and his teaching ,to be observant of conventional standards, to pledge not pass on others , to practice secretly , to train step by step, to be sure to keep in mind that do not overexert and not be bravado, to practice every day, and one day will be successful. · 


    To practice XinYiBa , there is a parlance , that is go to the suburb where is withdrawn, such as the graveyard, the cliff, the cave, the forest, where are horrific,quiet and dismal. In such surroundings, the practicer can preferably practice his own courage and insight and natural reaction, they can made rapid progress.  

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