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Shaolin Temple

The Shaolin Temple is located in Dengfeng County in central China’s Henan Province and was built in the foothills of the sacred Songshan Mountain in the year 495 during the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534). Thirty-two years later, Bodhi Dharma, an India monk, began to teach in the temple and introduced an Indian form of exercise, which is regarded as the birth of the temple’s martial arts tradition. Generations after generations, Shaolin monks have devoted themselves to enriching and improving the tradition and have gradually developed it into a complex and sophisticated system of fighting, widely recognized as the origins of kung fu.


For hundreds of years, Shaolin monks have been practicing Chan Buddhism using martial arts as a vehicle and their practice ofmartial arts in turn has been guided by Chan Buddhism. Shaolin Kungfu has a very important place in Chinese culture. Hundreds,if not thousands of people from all over the world go to China to learn this ancient Chinese discipline.


Shaolin kungfu is the origin of all schools of kungfu.  Shaolin Temple has 1500 years of history behind it.  Shaolin Temple and Kungfu were once forgotten by the world.  People started to recognize that they are important cultural heritage and stared to pay a great deal of attention to them due to a movie--the Shaolin Temple--played by Jet Li in 1982.  Mater Yanruan who is one of the 34th generation warrior monks of Shaolin Temple, under the help of Abbot of Songshan Shaolin Temple in China, has established a Shaolin Temple Kungfu Cultural Center in Rockville Maryland.  It is the only kungfu cultural cener in Maryland that has kungfu instructor from Shaolin Temple.  For people who love learning traditional Shaolin Kungfu with warrior monks, this is the place to be.

Heavy workload in the work place and tremendous pressure in our daily life have caused great harm to our mind and body.   It is paramount for us to relieve ourselves from pressure and regain a balanced and healthy life.  Learning Shaolin Kungfu will help us achieve a state of peaceful mind and health body.  It will also help us relax our mind and regain our physical strength.  It will improve our attitude toward others, improve our energy and help us become more positive toward life in general.    

Shi Yongxin

Shi Yongxin

Originally named Liu Yingcheng, was born in 1965, in Yingshang, Anhui Province. Ordained in 1981, he was the disciple of the previous abbot Xingzheng.

Master Yong Xin took office in August 1999 and is currently the 30th generation Abbot of Songshan Shaolin Temple in China, the vice president of China Buddhism Association, the president of Henan province Buddhism Association, and also the representative of the 9th and 10th annual National People’s Congress of China.


In order to protect the Shaolin Kungfu’s profound culture with a history of 1500 years, in 2002 Abbot Yong Xin organized and initiated the registration under the UN Education and Science Organization of Shaolin Kungfu. Shaolin Orphan Center was open in 2003 to support the “Thousand-orphan and Light-opening” project.


Abbot Yongxin has been making extraordinary contributions to the development of Shaolin Temple as well as greatly spreading of Shaolin culture around the world


Shi Yanruan

Master Shi Yanruan is one of the 34th generation warrior monks of Shaolin Temple. Under the supervision of Abbot of Songshan from Shaolin Temple in China, Shi Yanruan has established a Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Cultural Center in Rockville, Maryland. It is the only kung fu cultural center in Maryland that has a kung fu instructor from Shaolin Temple.

Shi Yanruan

Master Yanruan was admitted to Hu Zhengsheng’s Kung Fu academy, a rigorous kung fu school located just outside the city of Dengfeng, when he was a child. After receiving much training and guidance from Hu Zhengsheng, Yanruan was accepted into Shaolin Temple by his mentor Abbot Yongxin and has developed and expanded his Shaolin martial arts skills. During his time at Shaolin Temple, Shi Yanruan had the pleasures of teaching students from all over the world. Shi Yanruan also has won an excellent reputation for his performances of Shaolin Kung Fu while accompanying Abbot Yongxin in his travels all over the world.

Shi Yanruan is offering the following programs at the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Cultural Center.

Fist Forms: Five Steps Fist, Lian Huan Fist, Xiao Hong Fist, Da Hong Fist, Qi Xing Fist, Pao Fist, Meihua Fist, Taizu Long Fist,Chang Hu Xin Yi Fist, Xin Yi Liu He Fist, Pao Fist, Xiao Pao Fist, Ren Shou Tong Bi Fist, Meihua Mantis Fist, Meihua Fist, ChaoYang Fist, Seven Star Fist, Twelve Lu Tan Tui, Louhan Fist, Animal Fist, Drunken Fist and other traditional Shaolin fist forms.

Weapons: Shaolin Sticks, Qi Xing Sword, Thirteen-Spear, Twenty-one-Spear, Bull Whip, Nine-Section Whip, Tiger Head Hook,Double Sword, Guan Broadsword, Crescent Spade, Shao Zi Staff, Shao Huo Staff, Yin Shou Staff, Shaolin Mei Hua Sword, Seven Star Sword, Da Mo Sword, Shaolin Spear, Drunken Sword, and Drunken Stick.

Paired Practice: Shaolin Liuhe Paired Practice, Liuhe Staff Paired Practice, Cane and Spear Paired Practice, Guan Sword and Spear Paired Practice.

Sparring: Combat, Kick Boxing, Wrestling, Grappling, and Defense.

Soft Qigong: Soft Qi Gong including Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, Xi Sui Jing, Rou Quan, Mian Quan, Ba Shi Quan, Hun Yuan Zhuang and meditation.

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